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Closing the gap: Drive conversions, stay compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance and turn leads into sales with the power of Salesken AI.

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Elevate your insurance sales game with the best in AI

37% increase

in conversions

57% increase

in LTV

25% increase

in avg policy size

26% increase

in complaint resolution time

Leverage Salesken and achieve data-driven success

Real-Time Analysis

Empower reps with real-time in-call assistance

Real-Time Guidance

Provide guidance in real-time to enhance win-rate.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify upsell opportunities to improve LTV

Post Call Analysis

Assist leaders by offering actionable insights

360° Visibility

Get insights for each rep, each call, everyday.

Post call Insights

Use data for decisions & improving sales.

Power your insurance sales success with Salesken

Conduct Smart Need Discovery

Salesken’s AI-powered tool enables reps to identify the pain-points, needs & concerns of the prospects and pitch appropriate solutions that resonate best with your prospects which leads to improvement in the number of conversions

Flag Missells

With Salesken, analyze sales conversations in real-time to identify potential missells, such as misrepresentation of products, failure to comply with regulations, or unethical sales practices. Nudge them in real-time to adhere to the SoPs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Personalized, Real-Time Sales Training

Stop providing a one-size fits all coaching to your sales team. Analyze every customer-rep interaction, conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis of your reps’ performance, and provide specific, real-time assistance to help them win more deals.

Know Your Customer

Salesken’s Voice of Customer [VoC] Analytics gives unparalleled insights into your customers. Know their true needs and concerns, identify the key decision-makers and create user experiences that improve trust and loyalty.

Revamp Your Sales Journey With Salesken

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Built for the way you sell

Empower your sales teams with actionable insights on your sales conversations across all channels.

Get more from your leads

Understand your sales team's performance in each conversation and improve agent motivation by nudging them in real-time to adopt the successful sales strategies of your top performing reps.

Unparalleled insights on every sales conversation

Voice of Customer Analysis

Execute winning strategies in real-time

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Offer your customers a great customer experience

Assist your reps in real-time to show empathy, and effectively handle customer objections to boost engagement and customer satisfaction.

Identify Customer Needs

Handle objections like a pro

Replicate the behavior of top performers

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Craft personalized solutions for your prospects

Ask your prospects the right questions to identify their needs better, map the right features to their needs and build genuine rapport with your prospects.

Build a great rapport like your top performers

Sell right solutions to the right prospects

Identify key pain points of your prospects

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Close deals, one conversation at a time with Salesken

Guide your sales representatives through the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to closing deals with Salesken's powerful conversation intelligence platform

Focus on leads with greater intent to buy

Real time sales coaching to close deals faster

Bring down the length of sales cycle with personalized selling techniques

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Unlock the power of your conversations

Identify the features that resonate the best with your prospects, the ideal rebuttals for any objections posed by prospects, know the best techniques to build rapport, and create winning demos.

One-click integration with your favourite sales tools

Highly precise and accurate transcriptions and call summaries powered by Salesken AI

Course-correct in real-time to win more deals

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Upsell smarter with Salesken's Real time coaching

Identify key upselling & cross-selling moments using Salesken's real-time insights and call coaching and help sales teams unlock more revenue from existing customers.

Improve your upselling techniques with real time coaching

Integrate with your favourite CRM tools and track upsell opportunities effectively

Tailor your pitch according to the needs of your customers

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Make your closure calls a breeze

Get the best deal recommendations including the best negotiation techniques, customer preferences and replicate the performance of your top reps to close sales calls effectively

Provide your sales reps with the best objection handling techniques

Ensure that you stay on top of your customer's needs

Improve customer engagement

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Integrations and Security

Empower your sales team on your terms by integrating multiple security layers with your current tech stack.

Logo for Salesforce, Zoom, Hubspot, Aircall, Gmail, Outlook

One-Click Integrations

Supports 70+ CRMs (e.g., Salesforce)

Supports 100+ Dialers (e.g., RingDNA)

Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook

Your Sales and Your Privacy

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

ISO 27001 and SoC2 certified

Regular audits to ensure unparalleled security

Here’s How Salesken Can Support Various Sales Roles

Excel in every sales pitch and closing deals

Blend your exceptional communication skills with augmentation of AI and become a sales rockstar. Achieve unprecedented success by exceeding your targets and closing deals like a pro!

Utilize real-time guidance to improve sales pitch in real-time

Be more productive and leave the redundant tasks to AI

Make solid bonds with customers and know their needs.

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Uncover the untapped potential of your sales team

Help your sales reps perform their best, consistently. Boost their productivity with our AI sales assistant and observe extraordinary wins.

Get detailed insights of each rep's performance

Reduce the new hire ramp time considerably

Create and share data-backed winning strategies.

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Make your sales process seamless with the best in AI

Cut down silos and enable smooth and seamless functioning of your sales team. Use AI & implement process for revenue growth.

Set realistic sales quotas with revenue prediction

Streamline data-backed report generation

Know the struggles and personalize coaching

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Solve Common Business Challenges With Salesken

Upgrade your resources with an AI assistant that can help you in improving employee efficiency, growing revenue, or enhancing customer satisfaction, you name it we have it!

Deliver a perfect sales pitch with real-time guidance.

Prepare reps to handle objections effectively and confidently.

Focus on high-intent leads and boost revenue exponentially.

Analyze calls, recommend based on data, train reps.

Gone are the days where sales was about pushing a prospect down the sales funnel.

Get ahead of your competition with efficient need discovery and personalization of your products

Create a sense of need for your product in the mind of your prospects.

The better your reps listen, the more they sell. Ensure the ratio of listening to speaking is always close to ideal with Salesken.

Get your new hires to ramp up within a few days with AI-enabled real-time guidance.

Growth is inevitable when you are using Salesken's AI sales assistant.

Utilize the power of AI and stop assigning redundant tasks to your sales reps.

With Salesken by your side, there is no room for poor customer experiences!


Enhance Your Conversations with Real-Time Sales AI

Talk to us, and we'll show you how we can effortlessly scale your sales process and generate more revenue.

So simple, you will see value in 15 minutes!

We’ve got your back - every step of the way

Our sales advisory and business research team equips you with one-on-one insights from experienced advisors, informed by an unmatched combination of expert-led strategies, to help you close your quota every quarter.

24x7 customer support

Get a dedicated support team available 24/7 across time-zones to ensure a smooth user experience.

No hidden cost

Transparent pricing with no additional costs for integrations and other add-on services.

Dedicated BA team

Help at every step of the way - from onboarding to use metrics - to ensure maximum ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide case studies or examples of successful implementations in the insurance industry?

Salesken has successfully implemented their AI software in the insurance industry, leading to notable outcomes. Our AI software has enabled insurance companies to identify valuable cross-selling opportunities, streamline lead management processes, and gain actionable insights from customer data. To learn more about the specific case studies and examples of successful implementations in the insurance industry, it is recommended to reach out to the Salesken team. They will be able to share relevant success stories and demonstrate the impact of their AI software in the insurance sector.

How accurate and reliable is the AI software in generating sales insights?

Salesken's AI sales assistant is known for its accuracy and reliability in generating sales insights. By leveraging advanced algorithms, the AI software can provide valuable and actionable insights to sales teams. The AI software's ability to process data quickly and accurately enhances its reliability in generating sales insights.

What level of technical support and training is provided for implementing and using the AI software?

Salesken provides comprehensive technical support and training for implementing and using their AI software. Our team offers dedicated assistance throughout the implementation process, helping you set up and configure the software to align with your specific needs. With Salesken's support and training, you can maximize the benefits of the AI software and optimize its impact on your sales operations.

What is the pricing structure for the AI software and are there any additional costs?

For detailed information regarding the pricing structure of Salesken's AI software, it is recommended to reach out to our sales team. We will be able to provide you with specific pricing details tailored to your organization's requirements and discuss any associated costs related to implementation, customization, or ongoing support.

Is the AI software customizable to suit our specific sales needs in the insurance industry?

Yes, the AI software offered by Salesken is highly customizable to suit your specific sales needs in the insurance industry. We understand that each organization operates differently, and our software can be tailored to align with your unique sales processes, workflows, and objectives.

How does the AI software integrate with existing insurance systems?

At Salesken, our AI software seamlessly integrates with existing insurance systems through an open API architecture. We offer customizable integration solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring smooth data synchronization and automated transfer. Our dedicated integration support team works closely with you to streamline processes and maximize the efficiency of your sales operations by leveraging the power of AI.

How secure is the AI software in terms of data privacy and protection?

Salesken places a strong emphasis on data privacy and protection within our AI software. We employ robust security measures, including encryption protocols, strict access controls, and compliance with data privacy regulations. Your data is handled with the utmost care and stored securely, ensuring utmost data privacy and protection.

What types of insurance industry data can the AI software analyze and interpret?

Salesken's AI tool can effectively process customer data, policy information, claims data, sales and marketing data, as well as market and competitive data. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, the AI software provides valuable insights to enhance sales strategies, customer engagement, risk assessment, and overall sales performance.