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Derive Real-time Insights and Identify Prospects’ Emotions with Speech Analytics Software

Salesken’s speech analytics solution captures prospect calls in real time and provides actionable insights. Sales reps can leverage these insights to identify the gaps and convert more leads with increased customer satisfaction.

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6 Reasons why you should use Speech Analytics Tools

Here’s why Salesken’s Speech Analytics Application will never upset you:

Reason #1:

Lead the prospect calls like a pro

Salesken’s speech analytics platform uncovers the trends and insights in each prospecting call. As a result, the sales reps can discover real-time trends underlying prospects’ emotions and detect what’s going on in their minds. This can help them lead prospect calls and take quick actions toward conversion.
Reason #2:

Leverage data to enhance Customer support

Salesken’s speech analytics platform can help call centers and sales teams identify discrepancies in multiple calls. These are the issues that sales teams normally ignore, but speech analytics software can identify the potential impact of these concerns with data-backed information. Hence, sales managers can take actionable steps to fix these issues and enhance customer experience.
Reason #3:

Unbeatable accuracy

Salesken’s AI-powered solution can provide unbeatable comprehension accuracy for each prospecting call. Some useful features offered by the speech analytics platform includes AI-driven themes, detailed sentiment analysis, automated metrics calculation, and the list goes on.
Reason #4:

 Multi Language Support

With organizations expanding their footprints across the globe, language shouldn’t be a barrier in the sales growth. Salesken’s speech analytics application supports multiple languages and provides a very accurate transcription as well as translation of any sales conversation from the original language in which the conversation happened to a language that the managers use for official communication.
Reason #5:

 Bring down every agent’s handling time

Salesken’s speech analytics tool assists sales reps in real time during an ongoing conversation with the prospects or customers by providing relevant cues. This reduces the average handling time on every call drastically. The cues usually help sales reps handle any kind of objections posed by the customers, answer all FAQs without having to check the website and provide any information that the customer asks for without having to place the customer on hold.
Reason #6:

Automate Your Call Quality Monitoring Process

Call quality monitoring process has traditionally been a manual process in the majority of the organizations. It has proven to be ineffective as it involves Sales managers listening and analyzing sales conversations during their productive work hours. Salesken’s speech analytics tool automatically scores these conversations across different playbook dimensions and selling best practices so that the managers can take necessary action saving their valuable time spent on manual QA.

Why use Salesken’s Speech Analytics Software?

Even though most interactions are online, human-to-human calls are still popular in sales. Surveys show that 39% of customers prefer talking over the phone. Salesken’s speech analytics platform helps you to take control of these calls, dive deeper to understand customers’ emotions, and convert an objection into an opportunity. 

When your sales team is aware of customers’ emotions and takes preventive actions to make them happy, it is obvious that customer satisfaction will increase. Therefore, Salesken’s speech analytics tool can speed up your sales revenue with increasing customer satisfaction.

Here’s how Salesken’s Speech Analytics Software looks in action

Salesken’s flexible, super-easy speech analytics application can derive actionable insights from sales call recordings to paint a clear picture of prospects’ emotions, and accordingly, the reps can plan the next steps. 

Uncover and act on the sentiment-driving factors

Prospects and customers these days expect consistent assistance from brands. To keep up with their thought process, sales teams need to have a closer look at all the sentiment-driving factors. Salesken’s AI-powered speech analytics tool can perform in-depth sentiment analysis to identify the key driving factors and help the reps to interact efficiently with prospects.

Offer sure-fire solutions in the first step

Salesken’s speech analytics tool analyzes customers’ sentiments on the first attempt and navigates across their thoughts to help the reps understand their journey. As a result, reps can be more confident about their approach and quickly find better solutions to customers’ queries.

Identify and help out vulnerable customers

A speech analytics platform analyzes customer interactions closely to identify intuitive insights. This way sales reps can easily identify the vulnerable customers and the pain points they are dealing with. Hence, they can nurture these customers accordingly and create more empathetic conversations.

How does Salesken’s Speech Analytics Tool work?

Follow these four quick steps to automate your sales training system with Salesken.

Log in to Salesken

Sign-up and Log in to Salesken’s speech analytics application.

Integrate calls with CRM

Integrate call recordings with your existing CRM to get AI-powered insights.

Develop visibility

Develop real-time pipeline visibility to identify risks and opportunities.

Forecast revenue

Forecast your sales revenue and make powerful lead conversion strategies.

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Your sales team’s continuous source of support

Apart from offering automated insights into customers’ emotions, Salesken’s speech analytics tool provides 24/7 assistance to your sales team and motivates them to do better. 


Integrate with 100+ tools, including CRMs, video conferencing tools, and dialers.


Salesken is 100% secure to use and assures zero data branches.


Salesken is compliant with all the required legislation.


With Salesken, there are no privacy threats. You can use this tool as per your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is speech analytics?

Speech analytics is an AI-based feature that helps sales teams uncover the underlying meaning behind what a customer or prospect says. Powerful AI can provide critical insights into a customer’s decision-making process.

How does a speech analytics tool work?

Speech analytics tool is developed on the basis of strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. It can deeply analyze customers’ sentiments to identify usage trends and utilize those trends to improve selling.