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Leverage the latest AI technologies to improve your sales team's efficiency and develop a top-notch sales process for your sales teams. Get actionable insights for every stage of the pipeline and adopt data-backed strategies to optimize your sales processes.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Sales Management Software

In this age of digitalization, it is essential for companies and start-ups to find new technologies to help their sales teams grow faster and quicker. Sales Management Software can streamline and optimize your workflow to interact with your clients and customers and develop an automated sales process.

Here are 6 key reasons to try Salesken:

Reason #1: Sales Pipeline and Revenue Prediction

Get a probability adjusted pipeline to accurately forecast the revenue of your sales teams with a sales management software and avoid last minute surprises. Identify deals with high purchase intent, and nurture them with personalized messages to improve WIN rates of sales reps.

Reason #2: Improve Customer Engagement

Salesken’s sales management software comes with proprietary algorithms to help the sales reps identify the right discovery questions, best rapport building techniques, ideal rebuttal to objections and share the winning practices across the team in real time to improve conversions.

Reason #3: Data-Backed Sales Coaching

Automatically score calls across 14 different dimensions (empathy, positive energy, lead qualification techniques, etc.), identify where each rep is struggling and provide personalized coaching to sales reps and improve training outcomes with a sales management software.

Reason #4: Align Your Revenue Teams

Get actionable insights across every customer interaction in every stage of the pipeline. Know which marketing campaigns are generating sales and optimize the ineffective ones to assist the sales teams. Create data-backed buyer personas, properly structured sales process, identify their key attributes and build consistent messaging that resonates best with your target audience with a sales management software.

Reason #5: One Click View of the Customer

Get visibility into every customer interaction across channels (calls, video, and emails) with Salesken's sales management software. Get instant transcripts, call summaries and key talking points in each conversation. Identify the key bottlenecks in every stage of the pipeline and adopt data-backed strategies to optimize your sales processes. Salesken leverages sales automation to empower the sales teams at every stage.

Reason #6: Fits into your tech stack

Salesken's sales management software integrates with all the leading CRMs, dialers, and video conferencing tools. Hence sales reps can enjoy instant transcriptions, automated performance feedback, and rich post call data analytics for all your customer interactions, with a single click.

Why Use Salesken for Sales Management?

Salesken’s Sales Management Software is a world-class software trusted by 30000+ sales teams of top companies around the world. Its advanced AI provides automated feedback mined from the customer’s interaction to find out the areas in which the agents are lacking behind. It is a must-have tool for the tech stack of sales reps. 

Salesken helps automate several manual processes and repetitive tasks for your sales team. Automating these tedious and time-consuming processes improves productivity and saves money, time, and effort. 

This sales management software provides revenue insights and predictability to help forecast future pipeline revenue ahead of time, which helps make critical business decisions. Revenue predictions also point out preventable losses and help you determine focus areas. Salesken’s advanced AI helps identify leads with the highest purchase intent. These insights help the sales reps' conversion rates, providing them a 100% visibility into their sales process and overall performance.

Salesken’s sales management software unique features

Sales management is actively developing, planning, monitoring, supervising, and coordinating with the entire sales force of your company. Salesken's sales management software has many unique features which help you maintain the sales process quickly and effectively.

In-Depth Sales Pitch Analysis

Salesken’s sales management software comes with advanced AI automatically captures all your sales conversations and provides vital insights regarding the sales pitch. It shows the areas which can be improved further to convert a lead. 

Detailed Dashboard

Keep track of the team’s and individual’s performance from a single dashboard. Provide the team with detailed feedback for every or specific contact with a sales management software.

Post Call Analysis

The advanced and insightful AI provides a detailed call analysis with the customer's pain points, expectations, and feedback. These can be incorporated into future sales pitches to increase future sales revenue.

Detailed Customer Insights

Get detailed insights for every customer. The insights include customer information, total call time, interaction time, hesitation time, and many more parameters.

Detailed Lead Management

Identify and analyze leads for different types of products and services as per their requirements. Nurture leads to conversion by engaging with them closely across multiple touch points.

How does Salesken’s Sales Management Software work?

Ready to take the next step with Salesken's all in one solution? Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Integrate with all your CRMs, dialers, video conferencing and email tools.

Step 2

Capture every customer interaction, instantly transcribe and summarize them.

Step 3

Automatically score calls across 14 different dimensions and identify key coachable moments

Step 4

Provide personalized feedback and share winning strategies in real time to improve sales outcomes.

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Now that you know why Salesken is the right sales acceleration platform for you, here are some additional perks of using Salesken's sales intelligence tools for every kind of business.


Salesken offers one-step integration with all the leading tools that you’ll need to fasten and streamline your sales pipeline and accelerate your sales operation.


Security comes first for us. We conduct multiple audits regularly to ensure our customer data is protected.


Salesken is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 9001/2000 certified.


Only authorized users within your organization can access your data and no-one else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sales Management Software?

Sales management is entire the process of recruiting, hiring, developing, planning, monitoring, supervising, and coordinating with the entire sales force of your company.  

A Sales Management Software helps develop, plan, monitor, supervise and coordinate with the entire sales team of a company.

How to choose the right Sales Management Software?

To choose a sales management software can be overwhelming, so you need to ask yourself these questions while searching for the right product for your needs:

Identify goals that the software will help you achieve as per your needs. Some common goals are :
1. Tracking customer base
2. Tracking leads and lead activity
3. Tracking conversion and closing rates.
4. Tracking areas of improvement.
5. How does it help your sales and marketing efforts?
6. Is the software easy to use?
7. Is the software customizable as per your needs and requirements?
8. Is the software affordable?

Who is software sales manager?

A software sales manager provides necessary product knowledge and technical expertise to the target customers and ends users of the software. The manager updates the sales team and the client on new software developments.

What software can I use to manage my sales team?

Select the software that helps you to:
1. Save time
2. Automates repetitive tasks
3. Help coordinate among different departments, enhancing team work
4. Keeps you updated on your sales pipeline
5. Lets you stay on track with your revenue goals

What is the best sales management tool?

Below are the best sales management tool:
1. Salesken
2. Keap
3. Nutshell

Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose any of the above mentioned sales management tool.

What software is often used for sales management?

There is a variety of sales management software available online that you can use to help manage leads. Some of the best software used for sales management are: 
1. Salesken
2. Salesforce 
3. HubSpot
4. FreshSales
5. Databox

How does sales management use CRM?

Using a CRM helps you manage your whole sales cycle, which lets your sales team close deals quickly and reach targets faster. It also enables you to reduce production costs and increase your sales revenue.

What are the benefits of a sales management software?

Some of the benefits of using a sales management software are:

1. Helps to track and monitor goals
2. Sales automation at each step of user journey
3. Get notifications in real time
4. Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack
5. Coordinate your schedules and book meetings by syncing the calendar
6. Get a detailed and accurate view of your sales pipeline