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Acquire, engage, prioritize, and close more deals to drive consistent sales with Salesken's advanced sales software solution. Salesken's sales software is built to assist sales teams in collaborating better, optimizing sales processes, shortening the sales cycle, and creating accurate sales forecasts to close more deals. Get insights into crucial sales metrics, stay on top of all sales activities, take charge of your sales process, and improve customer experience with Salesken's sales software.

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6 Reasons Why you Should Try Sales Software

Sales isn't just making incessant calls and following up on emails; its functionalities go way beyond this to close more deals and have a healthy pipeline. Salesken's sales software helps you prioritize the right prospects, capture the information needed, and streamline processes. Don't just take our word for it, here's 6 reasons why sales teams love our sales software -

Reason #1:

Best in Class Real time Sales Coaching

Salesken's call transcription and call recording features will revolutionize your one-on-ones and call reviews. With every customer interaction stored, searchable, and transcribed, your sales managers will be able to review calls quickly and easily, identify coachable moments, and share best practices. For teams that need entry-level hires to create value from day one, our sales coaching software can be used in real time to show cues during an ongoing conversation that help them navigate through any conversation confidently.

Say goodbye to synchronous feedback and reviews, and review every important sales call to focus on specific parts of the conversation at your pace. This gives you the flexibility to make sales coaching as a part of your everyday routine, even when you're busy.
Reason #2:

Improved Sales Efficiency

Salesken helps you unearth your organization's current process and strategy to help you improve sales efficiency across teams. With Salesken's automation, sales managers can unify, streamline, and optimize administrative tasks to free up their sales reps' time to improve sales teams' efficiency and help them keep their revenue engine running.
Reason #3:

Understand your Customers Better

With the world changing at a rapid rate, your customers needs also changes. Each day, your sales team will have to spend a considerable amount of time to update their personas, needs, and trends. Not just that, you'll also see how various messages are landing in the market and track the names of your competitors that come up during conversations. Salesken brings true market intelligence to everyone in the organization to bring the best out of your product.
Reason #4:

More Accurate Sales Forecasting

With a good sales software, businesses can predict sales activities to get a go-ahead. But with Salesken's sales software, sales reps will maneuver their decision based on data and not opinions. Procure sales analytics and conversation intelligence from actual sales conversations to set aside guesswork and accurately forecast deals for the coming quarter. Eliminate the risk of low-quality deals with our forecasting and close better deals.
Reason #5:

Improved Collaboration Within Teams

Ditch the manual effort of reaching out to teams by Slack and emails, and being lost in a pool of unread messages. Salesken's sales software interacts with every process and department of your organization to foster better collaboration and smooth interactions amongst your teams.
Reason #6:

Top of the Range Pipeline Management

With Salesken, you'll always have access to recordings and transcripts of every customer interaction. This means that your sales coaches will be able to review calls, pinpoint coachable moments, and share best practices easily. If you need entry-level hires to create value from day one, use our sales coaching software to show new reps which strategies work best.

Why Use Salesken's Sales Software?

Salesken's sales AI-enabled software provides actionable insights that are valuable for your teams. Pipelines and deals are the most important foundations of a CRM software, encompassing your teams to visualize deals better and move the revenue needle.

We help sales reps demonstrate exactly what they promised during their conversations and replicate winning behaviors of A-players. Not just that, we even help organizations understand their prospects better, track market trends, carry out marketing automation, and more to build a winning sales strategy.

Simply put, Salesken helps sales teams win more, and be more smarter!

Meet the #1 Sales Software Platform

Salesken helps sales teams in more ways than one - from providing a platform for collaboration to giving them the tools they need to improve and win more business. This is why Salesken has been voted the best in the market.

Generate More Opportunities and Focus on the Best Leads

With sales pipeline and deals being the foundation of every CRM software, Salesken allows you to visualize your sales process better to focus on the best opportunities and close more deals.

Include your deals in the pipeline, their stages and value, chances of winning the deal, and expected closure date to organize and track them by stages-all in one place. Not just that, you can also customize views, create pipelines for separate teams and filter them, highlight cues to specific deals to give your undivided attention for deals that are about to go cold, thus helping you win every deal you get your hands on!

Automate Manual Tasks and Streamline Sales Process

Salespeople spend more than 50% of their time on manual tasks that often get in their way of focusing on priority tasks.

The best CRM software must provide sales automation for sales teams to automate repetitive tasks, thus ramping up the overall sales performance. Salesken allows you to automate every single task, including nurturing prospects, email marketing, follow-ups, and scheduling calls for your entire team. Set triggers and workflows to focus on high-priority leads and leave the rest to our automation tool.

Robust Tracking and Insights with Real-Time Dashboard

Salesken's AI-enabled sales software helps you focus on the right deals that drive revenue. Not just that, with our real-time dashboard, you can analyze and track every sales conversation, understand what's working and not working, set custom fields to track reports, and reveal bottlenecks to set a winning strategy.

Set up individual, team-wise, or compay-wise goals and stay on top of every task to improve sales performance with the right metrics!

Track Every Communication Channel to Always Be Ready

Primary sales communication channels such as emails and chatbots tend to overwhelm sales reps. With Salesken's intuitive sales software, you can access your sales conversation in any channel you prefer-be it email, chatbots, or telephone within your sales platform. Get real-time nudges to never miss an email from your prospects and leverage our platform to send the right response without wasting too much time.

How does Salesken's Sales Software Work?

Follow these three simple steps to watch the magic unfold -

Capture Every Interaction

Salesken captures and records every sales conversation right from the first touchpoint including phone calls, web conferences, and email interactions to deliver the right insights to your sales teams.

Understand the Context

Salesken integrates with your CRM so your calls and emails are automatically tied to customer interactions. This gives you a robust view into the deals that you essentially can't get with a customer relationship management platform alone.

Provide Actionable Insights at your Fingertips

Salesken's sales platform recommends actionable insights based on AI-enabled analytics to help your sales reps know exactly what they need to close more deals.

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More than Just a Sales Software

Unlike other sales software, Salesken does so much more than just coach your team. Salesken is a champion in delivering the right recommendations, automating mundane tasks, providing you detailed insights, helping you close more deals, and so much more.


Replicate winning plays with AI-enabled recommendations and improve sales productivity by 85%!


Understand your pipeline right from the first lead to the drop-off, and conversion.


Learn what went wrong with every conversation to supercharge and imitate the best closing calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales software?

Sales software is a type of software that helps organizations to streamline, optimize, and automate business processes to speed up the entire lifecycle of selling their products and closing better deals.

What are the benefits of a sales software?
  • Increased sales revenue and profitability
  • Easy project management and contact management
  • Improved sales forecast reliability, thereby reducing revenue variability
  • Better customer satisfaction and experience
  • Capture sales data and sales management to manage deals better
  • Better movement of deals in the pipeline
  • Improved sales coaching
Does Salesken integrate with my CRM?

Salesken integrates with the following CRMs -

  1. Salesforce 
  2. HubSpot
  3. Zoho
  4. Leadsquared 
  5. Pipedrive
  6. Microsoft Dynamics 365
Which tools does Salesken integrate with?

Salesken has a wide range of integrations, more than any other sales intelligence software in the market. Salesken has integrations such as Salesforce, Zoom, Skype, Outreach, Calendly, Twilio, and more.

What kind of insights does Salesken deliver?

Salesken’s AI-enabled sales software helps coaches not only recognize winning behaviors but replicate them across teams to create winning playbooks so your reps close more deals. By analyzing customer interactions, you’ll routinely uncover actionable insights into what actually wins deals as opposed to the ones that didn’t close. This includes sales forecasting, recognizing trending topics, and competitive analysis (to name a few). Salesken is particularly good at helping leadership teams understand where deals go off the rails and why.