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With Salesken’s data-driven outbound call tracking software, reach out to the right customers at the right time. Integrate with CRMs and dialers to help your sales team improve efficiency and save critical time while offering actionable call analytics to identify the selling points within each conversation.

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Why should you care about an outbound call tracking software?

Why stay in the dark when you can take action based on real-time facts and data points? An outbound call tracking software records and transcribes each prospect conversation to help you identify and follow up with hot leads.

Reason #1: Don’t lose another high-intent prospect

Salesken’s outbound call tracking software is a one-stop solution to arm your sales team with the right tools to contact and establish a connection with prospects. By empowering sales agents with conversation-specific insights, any call from the prospect can be revisited, analyzed, and improved. Back up each conversation with prospects and ensure you don’t miss out on a high-intent lead.

Reason #2: Say “Yes” to personalized selling

Salesken’s proprietary software identifies and picks up points and delivers prompts specific to the conversation, making the calls more personalized to the customer, while enhancing the sales teams’ capabilities by constantly imparting best practices. You can also sync all call activities to the existing CRM for an effortless selling experience.

Reason #3: Identify, close, and prioritize leads

Every lead deserves your attention. Salesken’s outbound call tracking software auto-transcribes inbound and outbound calls and analyzes those for you with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a result, you can access real-time insights to identify high-potential leads and prioritize their conversion.

Reason #4: Coach your reps to perfection

Every lead deserves your attention, but a potential lead deserves your effort. Salesken’s outbound call tracking software auto-transcribes inbound and outbound calls and analyzes those for you with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a result, you can access real-time insights to identify high-potential leads and prioritize their conversion.

Reason #5: Actionable insights for a robust team

Salesken enables you to monitor your team’s performance as well as identify and track individual sales reps’ performance. Get visibility on how different sales conversations are driving milestone results such as booking meetings, signing up for demos, and the ultimate purchase decisions. Use our call analytics to make informed decisions.

Reason #6: Always stay notified

Stay notified regarding missed calls and follow up when needed. Salesken’s outbound call tracking software also allows sales teams to schedule calls in advance, thereby saving hours of scheduling and mapping.

Why use Salesken’s outbound call tracking software?

Salesken is on a mission to help businesses implement a scientific, data-backed sales strategy. Harnessing the power of augmented AI to
transform the way sales reps channel their conversations while improving productivity, it brings together real-time insights to
optimize and convert, while delivering results every time.

Cold calling, follow-ups, and sales calls are some of the most dreaded activities for sales reps. However, generating
and closing powerful leads is impossible without these outbound initiatives.

Salesken’s outbound tracking software is the answer to all these challenges faced by sales teams. It can eliminate manual tasks
such as calling and texting the prospects, storing their contact information, and call recordings within the system so that reps
can focus solely on what they do best—making the customer feel seen. Additionally, this tool can transcribe each prospect's
conversation to figure out selling points, while detecting emotion, tonality, and earnestness.

See Salesken’s outbound call tracking software in action

Salesken’s cutting-edge outbound call tracking software is flexible, fully integrated, convenient, and ready to plug and play.
With personalized real-time prompts and post-call success or improvement analysis. Salesken brings science into sales effortlessly.

Reduce idle time between  calls

Are you struggling with high volume calls and higher idle time? Salesken has got you covered with the right answers at the right time. Salesken’s outbound call tracking software lets you make sales calls straight from the browser, tracking the entire call across variables and reducing time spent between calls. With a single click, you can make sales calls, send texts and add notes during calls to keep track of customers’ preferences.

Boost sales team’s productivity

Salesken’s outbound call tracking software breaks down the adage—“Remote sales teams cannot succeed.” We help your sales reps maximize their talent and drive more revenue as they can converse with prospective customers from anywhere and everywhere. The interactive dashboard can track the entire sales team’s performance and motivate them to reduce the gaps and achieve targets.

Record and analyze outbound calls like a pro

Strategic outbound calls can be a business’ central lead generation source. To make each outbound call count and to derive significant inputs on prospects, you need Salesken’s outbound call tracking tool. It records, transcribes, and analyzes the calls to understand the customer’s holistic and personalized journeys, complete with understanding their needs, emotions, and constraints; variables necessary to assist a robust sales strategy.

Make the most of call recordings during coaching sessions

Salesken’s outbound call tracking software records and saves each call you make. Sales coaching sessions can be invaluable and packed with information for new reps, as they learn by doing and see corresponding results. These recordings can offer the right kinds of skills and adaptability that help sales reps handle rejections confidently while continuing to drive exceptional results.

Know your customers

Nothing is more impressive in B2B sales than interacting with a rep who knows their prospects and the product or service inside out. Salesken helps you identify and prioritize high-intent leads and prepares the reps with a detailed understanding of the prospect's pain points. Hence, the reps will know exactly what to say during sales calls to hook the prospects.

How does Salesken’s outbound call tracking software work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with Salesken’s outbound call tracking software:

Step 1

Upload customer contact information automatically with different dialing lists.

Step 2

Filter, prioritize, and manage customer contacts on a unified dashboard.

Step 3

Select the dialing algorithm that suits you the most and start making outbound calls in auto dialer mode.

Step 4

Generate, manage, and nurture leads from outbound calls and prioritize valuable leads on a single platform.

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Top Features

Here are the features that sales teams absolutely love!

CRM Integrations

Salesken seamlessly connects with your existing CRM to keep the sales calls synchronized.

call recordings

Record all conversations, and store them for strategizing, regrouping, and training sessions.

call analytics

Track all outbound call metrics such as missed calls, waiting time, and other critical variables on a single platform.

Powerful dialer

Use Salesken’s powerful dialer to make back-to-back calls from browsers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outbound call tracking software?

An outbound call tracking software helps sales teams to call the prospects from the CRM and record the conversations for future analysis and training purposes.

Why do teams need to track and monitor outbound calls?

Sales teams should track and monitor outbound calls to collect significant prospect data and analyze those datasets to convert the prospects into paying customers.

Won't the reps feel like Big Brother watching over the calls?

No, as the call recordings captured by an outbound call tracking software will be used solely for growth and training purposes.

How can the outbound call tracking software improve productivity?

An outbound call tracking software frees up the rep’s time by making calls fast and removing manual dialers from the process. As a result, reps are more productive and idle time between two calls is almost non-existent.

What are the benefits of using outbound call tracking software?

Some of the major benefits of call tracking software include: improving the sales team’s productivity, retaining customers, and predicting sales revenue.