9 Ways To Increase Software Sales Using AI

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How To Increase Software Sales Using The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

The global market for artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to touch $60 billion by 2025. AI is everywhere, in just about any industry, right from hospitality to manufacturing. It’s also transforming several business functions from marketing to customer service. AI can transform your SaaS business too, and specifically, the all-important sales function, which directly impacts your bottom line.

Investing in a Sales AI tool can help you save time and money and boost sales. It can help you focus on high-quality leads, better educate your customers, create and edit documents, improve your reporting and follow up more easily.

With the software market being competitive, a powerful AI tool can help you boost software sales. Read on to learn how!


#1 Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

AI tools can help software sales teams eliminate repetitive tasks like emails, scheduling, manual CRM data entry, and more. In addition, automating key workflows can help SaaS sales teams enhance overall efficiency. 

#2 Standardisation

An automated sales tool can standardise the process of making a sale, right from generating a lead, converting the lead, to reporting. The sales tool can make the whole process very plug-and-play. It also saves time by providing you all the information you need in a matter of minutes, rather than spending hours manually scrutinising data.

#3 Generate and Engage Leads

Nowadays, lead generation has become much easier thanks to an increase in lead gen channels, like different social media. AI tools can still help in this process. They also find and engage prospective clients that are similar to the ones with whom you had a deal earlier. Moreover, determining which prospects are ready to make the software buying decision is still very complex. Lead prospecting can be made more precise with AI tools that offer predictive analytics. These tools assimilate data such as demographics to prepare well-defined buyer personas, which can more accurately identify the characteristics of a prospective client who will likely make a purchase. 

#4 Personalised Pitches

Personalisation is imperative to a customer's sales journey. By applying AI, several steps of the software sales journey, such as lead nurturing and qualification can be automated to deliver a tailored experience. AI tools like Salesken can help handle prospects, monitor their progress, and determine when they’re ready to buy. They can discover the pain points and intent of your target audience, so you can tailor your pitch accordingly, thus, improving the odds of making a successful sale. This can also help with upselling if needed.

#5 Reducing Customer Churn 

Retaining an existing customer costs a fraction of acquiring a new customer, making customer retention is crucial. AI-powered predictive analytics can help you understand how and where your company is losing customers, whether it’s due to a feature problem or poor customer support. This helps reduce churn and empowers your company to improve customer satisfaction too. 

#6 Sales Call Scheduling

AI-based tools for the software sales team can help schedule when, how, and where to connect with sales prospects. They ensure the communication is on time and swift, and your sales team doesn’t miss out on any sale just because they forget about the call with a prospect. 

These tools work by automatically scheduling conversations with your prospects through your email. They engage your prospects by checking their availability and confirming a sales call. They also send out reminders to both your software sales team and potential clients. Your prospects can reschedule their meeting using such a tool as well. Booking more prospects for a call and making honouring those meetings a smoother process can help close more deals.

#7 Optimising Pricing

With AI, you need not guess the best-discounted price to get the deal done. To develop the best offer, AI tools like Salesken provide crucial customer data, such as location, demographics, intent, and earlier successful sales. As a result, personalised pricing speeds up the software sales process, smoothens customer experience by eliminating too many back-and-forth negotiations and increases the chances of making a sale. Plus, you need not worry about the margins, as the best offers you get are pre-authorised and protected by markdown guardrails.

#8 Data Analysis

AI can help provide key insights into prospective customers by analysing the customer databases and then making predictions. So you need not invest as much in expensive data teams to obtain crucial insights. 

9 Ways To Increase Software Sales Using AI

AI tools like Salesken can act as a single source of information for your sales rep with details of your prospective client from across different platforms, right from CRM, legacy databases, email, social media platforms, and calendar. These tools deliver on three key facets-- a faster sales cycles, greater sales productivity, and improved win rates. 

#9 Improved Business Performance and Increased Closing

Using a Sales AI tool for selling B2B software can help companies evaluate how their sales team is performing, and improve the performance of individual sales reps and the team as a whole. Conversation AI platforms like Salesken provide smart assistance to Sales reps so that they can make a natural conversation with the customer, reach out to prospects multiple times and convince them to invest in your software and save crucial time. With benefits like personalised pitches, call scheduling, price optimisation and rich data analytics, AI can help make the whole process of selling software extremely smooth and efficient!

In the End

Before you invest in a sales tool, it is imperative that you first define your objective of using the tool to make a well-informed decision.  If you aim to increase sales, look no further than SalesKen

SalesKen leverages the power of AI to augment sales intelligence. It helps you analyse every sales call to highlight customers’ intent, objections, needs, and expectations, so you can easily guide your reps in the right direction and convert more leads! So what are you waiting for? Book your demo now!

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