Why AI Is The Future Of Sales Communication

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Why AI Is The Future Of  Sales Communication

When it comes to sales communication, verbal and non-verbal communication are equally important. In fact, 93% of communication today is non-verbal. So, if you don’t focus on conveying the right message, you may end up making or breaking a sales deal.

In today’s digital world, sales reps don’t always get the chance to communicate with each other in person, making it harder to sell. Thankfully, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshaping the business ecosystem, sales teams can leverage it to improve sales communication. In this article, we’ll tell you why AI is indeed the future of sales communication. 

So, let’s get started. 

What is sales communication? 

Sales communication is the process of forming a sales team that is informed, motivated and productive. Moreover, effective sales communication encourages internal feedback within the team too. 

Now, note that we’re not discussing the useful communication skills sales reps should possess here. Rather, we want to highlight how your sales team can build a communication network within the organization. 

A successful sales communication process can keep the reps engaged in terms of the latest product updates, company updates, industry best practices, and any other information that can matter for the sales process. 

Sales communication planning

An appropriate sales communication plan should include the following components: 


By “source,” we mean who is the sender of a particular message? It could be the sales manager, VP of sales, or any other individual. 


Who is the target audience for the message? It could be the sales reps or any other member of the sales team. 


There should be a specific goal for each message you’re sending as a part of the sales communication process.


How urgent is the particular message? The level of urgency should also be an imperative part of the sales communication plan you create. 

How AI can help sales communication

AI is no longer a new concept for businesses. With time, AI has evolved gradually and is successfully redefining different areas of business. The benefits of using AI in sales communication are enormous. With the strategic implementation of AI into sales, businesses can easily drive more growth opportunities.

Data is the most crucial asset for any organization. Thanks to website cookies, social media platforms, CRM tools, and more sources, businesses now have tons of data for each customer. The amount of data being uploaded daily is increasing at a rapid rate. By 2025, the daily data upload limit will reach around 463 exabytes.

Sales teams can hugely benefit from this large volume of datasets. With the power of AI, it is extremely easy to sort, analyze and visualize these datasets. It helps the reps to understand their customers better and expedite the lead generation process of an organization. That’s because, with these datasets, you’ll only connect with the right group of prospects who possess the intent to purchase from you. This further means prompt sales communication and a quick productivity boost for your internal sales team. 

With the rise in remote work, crucial information has become siloed within organizations. There’s also a big gap in performance between top reps and the rest. It’s more important than ever for sales teams to work collaboratively rather than just competitively at an internal level. AI can help with this by facilitating key information across these silos.

When you have correct insights from the collected datasets, you can use them to coach the reps, help them sharpen up their sales pitches, and offer them actionable feedback to improve their performance. Isn’t that the purpose of an effective sales communication process?

How will sales communication evolve in the future? 

We are yet to make complete use of AI for sales communication. However, looking at the near future, we can guarantee that the popularity of AI will only increase. As of 2020, 54% of organizations use AI in sales. The increase is as high as 155% compared to 2018.

If we continue along with the same trends, it is very likely that AI will continue to dominate the sales operations in 2021 and beyond.  AI can reduce any repetitive activities that are part of your sales communication plan. With the robust growth of AI each passing day, here’s what you should expect for the future of AI in sales communication: 

1. Sales acceleration 

One of the primary aspects of sales communication is to improve internal communication styles to accelerate your overall sales. With AI, your sales team can easily achieve that goal. Here’s how: 

  • With an AI-based tool, you can offer the reps real-time sales coaching. That way, you can communicate with reps through greater efficiency and offer them apt suggestions to improve their sales pitches. 
  • AI helps your sales team to differentiate between high-intent and low-intent leads. That way, sales managers can suggest the reps connect with valuable leads. This will increase the conversion rate as the reps will target only high-intent leads. 
  • With AI-powered voice analytics, sales teams can take sales communication to the next level. With a voice analytics tool, you can analyze conversations with prospects to find out their concerns, objection points, motivation points, and so on. That way, it will be easier for reps to communicate with the same prospect over the next round of conversations.

2. Sales enablement 

Another AI-based trend that we’re most likely to observe in sales communication is the use of a sales enablement tool. A sales enablement tool can free up more time for reps by speeding up sales communication. Here’s how it can redefine your sales communication plan: 

  • Sales enablement tools can help you offer actionable insights into the current sales process as it tracks and reports essential sales metrics. That way, it becomes easier for you to monitor the reps' performance and keep them productive. 
  • A sales enablement tool can analyze your conversations in real-time and fix all the loopholes. It can recommend the improvement areas to the reps and offer them all the required strategies to improve their sales approach. 

Final Words 

AI is one of the best things that has happened to businesses in recent times. Organizations continue to find more innovative ways to leverage the power of AI for fulfilling their goals. If you’re looking for an advanced way to improve sales communication in your company, It’s time that you make the most of AI. 

An AI-powered sales platform like Salesken can help you develop an effective sales communication network backed by data-driven strategies and tactics. 

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