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SalesKen FAQs

Salespersons are no strangers to answering questions, and the team at SalesKen is no exception. But our team, like thousands of sales representatives across industries and geographies, have an edge - we use SalesKen. SalesKen makes sales scientific and leverages the power of artificial intelligence to increase sales success and revenues like never before!

With SalesKen’s advanced Voice of Customer Analytics (VoC), we don’t have to haphazardly guess what our prospects are thinking. Instead, we can quickly discern the real concerns of our prospective clients based on actual conversations. This allows our sales reps to stay prepared and proactively address them in the pitch.

Here are the most commonly asked questions prospective clients have about SalesKen:

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#1 - “We already use conversation sales platforms and chatbots. How is SalesKen different from them?”

Chatbots are but a rudimentary application of conversation intelligence technologies.  They are a good first step to begin engagement with your website visitor-- providing simple, pre-defined answers to enquiries on the website and giving you insights into customer behaviour to lay the foundation for your sale. However, chatbots merely scratch the surface of conversational intelligence capabilities.

With SalesKen’s advanced conversation intelligence and artificial intelligence technologies, you can identify the leads with high purchase intent and those that need nurturing. You can analyse every conversation your rep has with your prospect, identify what went right and where they need help, to coach them to success.

Also, SalesKen’s Real-Time Assistant provides your reps with contextual battle cards to navigate conversations towards success.

Now, your reps can know if the Prospect is responding positively to the pitch and tailor their talking points accordingly. 

SalesKen’s Voice of Customer Analytics (VoC) allows your marketing teams to know their prospects’ top concerns, prepare sales collaterals and run campaigns that can allay the concerns of your prospects.

Voice of Customer Analytics can also be used to better understand the needs of your prospects, and you can build your product roadmap based on the actual needs of your prospects.

#2- “We already use call recording software. How is SalesKen any different?”

A call recording software records the calls made by your sales reps and stores them like a library. Sure, some of them do transcribe the calls, but if you are a sales coach, you’d still have to read through the transcript for it to be useful for your coaching effort. You’d have to read through hundreds or even thousands of calls and be able to compare them, which is humanly impossible. So, call recording software breaks at scale. 

But SalesKen’s Auto-Signal Detection Capabilities will help identify the key talking points of each call. You can compare top reps’ performance vis-a-vis other reps, learn how your top reps are tackling objections, and share the best practices with the team. 

SalesKen’s Good Call Engine intelligently builds a unique call profile for your organisation. You can know the conversation snippets that positively influence your prospects’ minds, best responses to objections and assist your reps in real-time in closing more deals.

Also, after every call, your Reps can get real-time reports about the conversation. They can know the Pitch Score, which compares their call on a scale of 1-100 with other successful calls, better understand what went right in the conversation, and areas of improvement for the next conversation. 

#3 - “Our team is already hitting the sales quotas every month. What do we need SalesKen for?”

Sales teams are never homogeneous. The team can be broadly split into 3 categories:

  1. Top Performers - The top reps are those who exceed the quota. They constitute about 10% of the team. They have good product knowledge, know the buyer persona - their needs, concerns and motivations for purchase - and can handle any situation the prospect throws at them.
  2. Bottom Performers - The bottom performers are reps whose performance is below average relative to the rest of the team. They struggle to hit the quota and may need further training to improve their performance. They are roughly about 15% of the team.
  3. Average Muddle - The average muddle is roughly about 75% of the team and constitutes the bulk of most sales teams. They meet their revenue targets but may not be consistent. They have enough product knowledge and expertise to close the sale but may lose out when the prospects raise tricky objections.

💰 Usually, 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of the Reps.

Imagine if you could help your average and bottom performers become high performers. Popular sales-readiness platforms can only help in a basic way. They serve primarily as a Learning Management System, but can’t do much more. You can upload your training materials and coach your reps by providing bite-sized lessons, conduct quick assessments and help in onboarding new trainees. But what happens when the reps are faced with a tricky situation during a conversation with the prospect? Any fumble and the prospect is lost, probably forever.

What your reps need is the ability to course-correct, real-time.

With SalesKen’s Real-Time Assistance, your reps can get help in the form of cues while they are on the call with the prospect. Our state of the art Emotion-Detection Engine will help your reps know if the prospect is responding positively to the pitch and tailor the talking points accordingly.

This is what Sahil Singh, our VP of Sales,  has to say about SalesKen’s software:

“Unlike other sales coaching and readiness platforms, Saleken provides insightful reports on every single conversation. Not only can I analyse the rep’s performance, but I can show them how they compare with respect to successful calls. Since everything is backed by data, the reps are also more receptive to coaching, and I have seen a marked improvement in their performance within a very short span of time.”

#4 -“We prefer a lean tech stack. Will SalesKen will be a burden on our sales reps?”

SalesKen offers a plug and play solution. You can sign up and start calling your prospects immediately. We also integrate with the CRMs, telephony and leading video calling tools. All you need to do is link your CRM or video tools with SalesKen, and you can continue having conversations with your prospects in the way you have been doing it all along.

The Real-Time Assistance (or cues) will appear as a pop-up in the same window itself.

 5 Frequently Asked Questions about SalesKen

With SaleKen’s mobile app, the reps can now call prospects, schedule follow-ups, send messages, create new leads and more, right from their mobile devices. They can move around while attending the calls and read the cues from their mobile itself. SalesKen’s high degree of flexibility, coupled with unparalleled capabilities, has made it a companion to the reps. The conversations will be stored on the cloud, transcribed and analysed in the SalesKen platform, and you can view the reports anytime you want. 

#5 - “Is SalesKen expensive?”

Depending on variables like your industry, revenue and company size, the cost of a SINGLE LEAD could vary anywhere between $65 to $430.

When your reps are unable to convert prospects, you stand to lose this amount every single time.

And we aren’t even considering the loss of revenue, which is usually anywhere between 3 to 4 times the cost of the lead. Not to mention the time investment and its opportunity cost.

With SalesKen’s Conversation Intelligence Platform, your reps can close 74%* more leads.

You can now get 100% visibility into each and every customer interaction. You’ll know what your reps are doing right, identify areas where they are struggling and provide them with targeted feedback to improve performance.

With SalesKen’s Real-Time Assistant, your reps can get help in real-time, during their conversation with prospects, and navigate the conversations towards success.

Also, Salesken’s Salesken’s Deep Learning AI identifies the leads with High Purchase Intent and the ones that need nurturing. You can engage your leads at the right time with the right message to increase conversions. This can lead to a significant reduction in the length of your sales cycle and improve your topline.

Book a Demo Today and see for yourself how SalesKen can help your teams crush your revenue goals EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Frequently Asked Questions

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