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Top 7 B2B Sales Tools for Your Remote Team In 2023

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B2B Sales Tools for Your Remote Team In 2023

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shift to a remote work setup.

Around 4.3 million people in the USA are working remotely, accounting for 3.2% of the entire workforce of the country. 

Managing remote teams has its own set of perks and challenges. While you and your team can save countless hours on daily commuting, frequent meetings, seminars, etc., managers must ensure that the remote team is completely productive and handles all sales activities with complete transparency. 

Regarding B2B sales, some common challenges associated with remote teams include poor collaboration, poor training, zero accountability, and so on. To eliminate these challenges, sales managers must provide a remote sales team with top-notch B2B sales tools. 

We have segmented the B2B sales tools into six major categories: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Prospecting, Sales Enablement, Project Management, Email Marketing, and Analytics. 

Here is a quick guide on which B2B sales tools you must use under each category to lead your sales team in the right direction. 

Category 1: CRM Tools 

A CRM tool stores potential customers’ contact details, identifies sales possibilities from generated leads and helps sales reps to stay updated with all the information about the leads and helps marketers to run marketing campaigns seamlessly. It is the single repository for all information regarding an organization’s target audiences. 

A CRM software is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. It provides sales managers a quick overview of the sales pipeline and each lead's status. Here are the two CRM software tools that every sales team must use: 

1. HubSpot 

HubSpot is a leading CRM software that helps businesses to track prospects, analyze all lead information in the same place and create an outstanding customer experience with a great scaling potential. HubSpot’s built-in Sales Hub along with Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, and other tools make it a must-use tool for sales managers and B2B sales teams. 

Top Features 

  • In real-time, sales reps can analyze sales reports, individual performance, productivity, and other sales activities. 
  • HubSpot CRM is a useful B2B sales tool for sales reps as it sends timed notifications about prospects. Whenever a prospect opens your email or visits the website, the sales reps will get a direct notification and can take action accordingly. 
  • HubSpot’s mobile CRM app is an advanced tool that helps the sales reps access required customer information from anywhere and everywhere with effortless collaboration. 

Pricing per month

  • Starter - $45
  • Professional - $450
  • Enterprise - $1200

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2. Salesforce 

Salesforce is a popular CRM for businesses of all sizes and categories. Sales teams can use this single tool to connect their sales, marketing, and customer success operations to create a personalized experience for the leads and customers. This scalable CRM tool can help businesses to close more deals and achieve exponential growth. 

Top Features 

  • Salesforce CRM is a seamless contact management tool that provides instant access to a huge customer database. Sales reps can use these datasets to better understand their target audience. 
  • Salesforce’s opportunity management feature helps sales personnel understand different stages of a business deal and the potential customers in the B2B sales funnel. Accordingly, they can plan the engagement and nurturing campaigns. 
  • Salesforce has an interactive business intelligence feature that unlocks the critical sales insights and demonstrates these insights to the sales reps for an enhanced understanding of the users’ needs. 

Pricing per month

  • Essentials - $25
  • Professionals - $75
  • Enterprise - $150
  • Unlimited - $300 

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Category 2: Prospecting 

The purpose of prospecting tools is to support the sales reps in identifying potential prospects, running effective outreach campaigns, converting those prospects, and prioritizing high-intent leads. One of the best B2B prospecting tools is LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a B2B sales prospecting software that helps businesses to identify high-intent leads and execute exciting, customized campaigns to reach potential users. It can create vast opportunities for small businesses to generate quality leads. 

Top Features 

  • Sales reps can maintain extended network access with advanced features like unlimited search,  access to profile viewers for 90 days, saved search, and so on. 
  • Sales reps can integrate the Sales Navigator with internal sales tools like SNAP for an enhanced experience. 
  • Sync the Sales Navigator with your existing CRM for some of the innovative features like Auto-save, ROI reporting, Activity Writeback, and so on. Advanced CRM integrations like Data Validation and Contact Creation are also part of this prospecting software. 

Pricing per month 

  • Professional - $99
  • Team - $149.99
  • Enterprise - Price on contact 

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Category 3: Sales Enablement software 

A sales enablement tool helps sales reps with some of the most critical sales resources, materials, technology, and datasets. A sales personnel can utilize these resources to their favor and qualify leads effortlessly. 

4. Salesken 

Salesken is a leading sales enablement platform that helps reps close deals faster by providing real-time cues during customer conversations, does sales automation, and targeted coaching. With Salesken, the reps can get a closer insight into potential customers’ needs and craft personalized sales pitches for prompt conversion. 

Top Features 

  • Help your sales reps with real-time cues/prompts to figure-out customer needs better. This helps the reps to create a personalized pitch and build rapport with potential users to ensure no leads are lost. 
  • Salesken’s top-notch call recording and note-taking features help sales to summarize calls quickly and take suitable actions at the earliest. 
  • Salesken helps sales teams with interactive post-call analytics to identify the improvement areas for each sales conversation. These detailed insights help sales managers to identify the top performers and ensure that other reps are replicating their steps to perform better and close more deals. 

Pricing per month 

Pricing available on request 

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5. Weflow

Weflow is a web app and Chrome extension designed to help sales teams improve Salesforce data hygiene, increase pipeline visibility, and improve sales forecasting accuracy.

Top features

  • Streamline sales pipeline management and review with Weflow’s built-in and custom pipeline views.
  • Improve Salesforce data hygiene by automating sales activity tracking and email logging.
  • Enable your sales team to follow your sales process and methodology more easily through note templates.
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy through automated data syncing and improved sales process adherence.

Pricing per month

  • Starter – $39/month
  • Growth – $59/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

Category 4: Project Management 

B2B sales professionals can use project management software at each sales funnel stage. These tools can help them streamline the sales process, track the progress of sales deals and provide a lot of visibility into the sales workflow. One of the best B2B sales tools for project management is - ClickUp. 

6. ClickUp 

ClickUp is one of the best project management tools for organizing your sales tasks. B2B sales teams can use this platform to manage different stages of the sales funnel, from tracking leads, engagement, and collaboration. It is a great way to visualize your entire sales pipeline, track different user accounts, and collaborate on sales deals. 

Top Features 

  • ClickUp can help sales managers with sales workflow automation. It ensures that new leads are sliding across different funnel stages with efficient automation. It can auto-assign tasks to concerned stakeholders, send updates and help you prioritize the tasks efficiently. 
  • ClickUp’s built-in custom forms are helpful for sales reps to segregate lead response data and create tasks automatically. 
  • With ClickUp, sales managers can track all tasks over time and gain greater visibility into how the team members perform. As a result, it is easier for them to find out the bottlenecks and which employees are burned out. 
  • ClickUp has ready-to-use templates for different sales activities like account management, CRM, etc. This helps sales managers to reduce the sales teams’ effort in administrative tasks and focus on what they are supposed to do - selling. 

Pricing per month 

  • Free - $0
  • Unlimited - $9
  • Business - $19
  • Business Plus - $29
  • Enterprise - On request 

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Category 5: Email Marketing 

Cold emails still account for 40 times more effectiveness than other sales outreach types. Every sales rep should master the art of cold emailing to attract and engage quality leads. However, sales reps are often too occupied with additional tasks like planning email campaigns, setting up email sequences, creating reports, etc. All of these can make the reps feel overwhelmed and become a blocker when it comes to writing personalized emails. An email marketing tool takes care of all these aspects to free-up sales reps’ time. 

7. Mailchimp 

Mailchimp is an email marketing automation platform that helps sales reps to build and grow an audience by running successful email campaigns. Mailchimp can auto-segment leads and help sales teams segregate between high-intent and low-intent leads. With a customer base of over 13 million, Mailchimp is one of the renowned B2B sales automation tools. 

Top Features 

  • Leverage the power of email automation and re-engage with abandoned cart shoppers to increase cross-sell/ up-sell opportunities. MailChimp’s automated email sequence can trigger the prospects in different stages of their user journey to boost conversion. 
  • Mailchimp’s automated, predictive suggestions target quality leads efficiently and help businesses convert new leads and increase repeat customers. 
  • Mailchimp also comes with compelling design features and a built-in drag-and-drop tool that helps sales reps and email marketers to create clickable emails readily. This can help in higher engagement. 

Pricing per month 

  • Premium - $290.38
  • Standard - $14.52
  • Essentials - $9.72
  • Free - $0

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Category 6: Analytics 

A sales analytics tool can predict the future sales performance of a business based on different factors like customer behavior, market trends, etc. The purpose of these sales tools is to provide 360-degree visibility to the sales managers on how the sales team is performing. 

8. InsightSquared 

It is a no-code sales analytics and forecasting software that powerful sales reports and boosts business revenue growth. With an interactive dashboard, InsideSquared helps sales teams to stay updated about the entire sales process within one platform. 

Top Features 

  • Insightsquared’s AI-enabled sales forecasting helps businesses smartly analyze CRM data and forecast sales patterns accordingly.  
  • Insightsqaured helps businesses to gain clear visibility within their sales management system to ensure that there is a uniform overview for all stakeholders and decisions can be made accordingly. 
  • Insightsquared comes with a detailed and personalized sales coaching process to help the sales reps determine the steps and best practices. This can be clear guidance to sales reps and it helps them improve their selling process. 

Pricing per month 

Available on request 
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Final Words 

Remote working is the “new normal”. To survive this paradigm shift, B2B sales teams need a set of fast and effective tools to help the reps throughout the sales process. These tools can help businesses form a strong B2B sales process and close leads with fewer challenges. 

All the tools mentioned in this article are fast, time-saving, and thoroughly helpful for B2B sales reps. Sales managers should ultimately focus on tools that fulfill their requirements and help them achieve success and workplace productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the categories of B2B sales tools?

There are various categories for sales tools, namely sales enablement, email marketing, analytics, and so on. Businesses can select these tools based on their priorities.

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