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Green Leaf (Name changed for privacy reasons)
Ed tech, Education
E-learning, coding, computational thinking, logic, algorithmic thinking, elementary education, music, math, and early childhood education.
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Green Leaf is an ed-tech company, specially designed for children aged between 6-18 years. 

The ed-tech company kicked off its business by providing coding classes for children via one-to-one live classes by the top 1% of selected teachers and subject matter exports.

Green Leaf helps children fascinated with technology by teaching them the fundamentals of coding, sequence, logic, and algorithm. 

Post the acquisition by a larger Ed tech organization, the company has launched programs in English, Portuguese, and Spanish for students in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil.

With its recent acquisition, Green Leaf has expanded into other facets of overall early education, including music, fine art, and language classes. 

The company has over 9,500 teachers and 100,000 subscribed students as of today working with a mission to empower a whole generation to become creators as opposed to mere consumers of technology. 


Despite the relatively new launch of the company, Green Leaf’s set of challenges arrived with the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. 

Onboarding and training of new academic advisors were a fundamental issue with the entire workforce around the globe working remotely. 

Most organizations across the world had to make sweeping changes to address their most pressing needs. With unprecedented levels of disruption in everyone’s homes, communities, and even jobs, adjusting to the new normal was quite a bumpy road for everyone.

Green Leaf was no different. 

New team members did not have access to high-end office accessories and with the sudden shift in the working environment, Green Leaf was actively looking out for a solution to integrate their existing technology stack. 

This essentially means that Green Leaf had to onboard new teams online, and provide them with all the necessary tools to succeed as new team members. 

And this challenge also raised the problem of defining and creating new metrics to assess and improve their sales team’s performance. 


With Salesken’s easy one-click integration, Green Leaf not only was able to successfully onboard new hires but could also seamlessly integrate their current technology stack. 

While most businesses fear short-term uncertainty and are most definitely unnerving, many pioneers such as Green Leaf viewed it as a litmus test to analyze their remote workforce productivity and its effectiveness.

Salesken’s easy accessibility with corresponding technology available both on desktop and mobile, enabled academic advisors the flexibility to engage with parents at their convenience. 

Green Leaf leveraged Salesken’s Conversation Intelligence capabilities to gain complete visibility into every customer interaction and assist the advisors to convey Green Leaf’s unique value proposition. 


Green Leaf’s initial fear about making their onboarding process for new hires was tackled with extreme ease. 

Salesken’s endless features and seamless integrations helped Green Leaf drastically improve their team members’ productivity. As a result, this helped them increase their number of users by 15x!

In addition, Salesken’s Conversation Intelligence assisted sales managers and team members to leverage in-built features such as real-time calling, call summaries, insights, and more to boost their calls to more than 90K every day. 

With an increase in workforce and hassle-free sales processes, Green Leaf’s team members could lower their CAC by 10% within just 60 days of using Salesken.

Increase in no. of users
CAC reduction within 60 days
"Salesken gave us tremendous flexibility that allowed us to scale our sales teams even when working remotely.”
Senior VP, EdTech

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