CLV to CAC Ratio Calculator

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Published: April 11, 2023

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) ratio calculator is a tool used to determine the efficiency of a business's customer acquisition strategy. In simpler words, it's the value you are deriving from each customer compared to what you spend to acquire a new customer. Calculating the CLV to CAC ratio helps you understand how profitable a customer is over their lifetime.

Customer Lifetime Value

Estimated total value a customer will bring to a business over their lifetime

Customer Acquisition Cost

Cost of acquiring a new customer, including all marketing and sales expenses
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What is CLV to CAC Ratio Calculator?

A CLV to CAC ratio consists of two components – customer to lifetime value (CLV) and customer acquisition costs (CAC). 

Customer lifetime value refers to the average revenue a single customer will bring to your business. It helps predict the amount of inflow of cash they are expected to generate throughout their account lifespan. 

Customer acquisition costs refer to the average amount you spend to bring in new customers. 

The ratio of lifetime value to customer acquisition cost helps you determine how much money you should spend to gain a single customer. 

How to Calculate CLV to CAC Ratio?

The formula for calculating the CLV to CAC ratio is:

CLV to CAC Ratio = Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) / Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


CLV = Average purchase value x average number of purchases x average customer lifespan

CAC = Total sales and marketing expenses / Number of new customers acquired

CLV to CAC Ratio Formula

To use the CLV to CAC ratio calculator, you need to input the following information:

  • Average purchase value
  • Average number of purchases
  • Average customer lifespan
  • Number of new customers acquired
  • Sales and marketing expenses

Once you have entered these values, the calculator will compute the CLV and CAC for you, and then calculate the CLV to CAC ratio.                     

Why does CLV to CAC Ratio Matter in Sales?

Calculating the CLV to CAC ratio is essential to understand if you are spending too much to acquire consumers or too low based on how much your customers are worth. Keeping the ratio within a normal range is crucial – neither too low nor too high. 

Moreover, it indicates how much ROI your marketing and sales team are generating and how valuable your company is. A good CLV to CAC ratio can help lure in investors for your company. 

5 Tips to Improve CLV to CAC Ratio

Here are five ways you can aim to improve CLV to CAC ratio. 

#1: Increase the Size of the Average Order Value

Find ways to upsell and cross-sell so that you can increase the average order value. A small increase in average value over time can increase your CLV, resulting in increased revenue. 

#2: Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is important for customers when choosing companies to do business with. If you want to improve customer lifetime value, you need to provide seamless customer service and increase their overall satisfaction. 

#3: Find an Ideal Customer Profile 

To increase the conversion rate, you must ensure that you target the right audience. Draw a profile of your buyers who will benefit from your product or service. It will become easier to engage with them and convert your prospects into paying customers. 

#4: Aim to Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Existing customers are likely to spend more on your products than new ones. Companies can reduce acquisition costs by increasing customer retention and average order values. You can conduct customer feedback, run loyalty programs, and provide fast customer support to reduce churn rates. 

#5: Deploy Sales and Marketing Automation Tool

Lower your customer acquisition costs by implementing automation tools that will help streamline and automate your entire marketing and sales process. It will reduce the need for fewer staff members, saving time and money.

Free Resource

CLV To CAC Ratio Calculator

Use this Excel/Google Sheet template to calculate your company's CLV to CAC ratio. Determine the value of each customer and make data-driven decisions with the CLV to CAC ratio calculator and improve your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CLV to CAC ratio?

The CLV to CAC ratio refers to the estimated value you derive from each customer compared to what you spend to acquire a new customer.

How to calculate customer lifetime value (CLV)?

The formula for calculating CLV is multiplying the average purchase value by the average number of purchases. It will help derive customer value. And then multiply that by the average customer lifespan to determine customer lifetime value.

How to calculate customer acquisition costs (CAC)?

The formula for calculating CAC is dividing the total sales and marketing expenses by the number of new customers acquired.

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